Underglaze Pencils, Markers, Pens

Amaco underglaze decorating pencils are ideal for fine line drawings, shading, and identification. To use, apply the pencils to bisqueware and then lightly dust with a brush to remove excess particles. Lightly sponge on the first coat of glaze to avoid smearing - this step is not necessary if glaze is applied by pouring, dipping, or spraying. To reduce smudging, mix 1 tablespoon gum solution to 1 pint of water in spray bottle. Spray on work before glazing.

On the other hand, the Underglaze Potters' Pens from Minnesota Clay have a unique tip-activated valve that “doses” underglaze ink onto your bisque. How opaque or thick a line you achieve depends upon several factors. Generally, a line with a thickness of 1mm is achieved. In order to attain a very opaque decoration, you just need to draw at a deliberate rate. You can also govern the ink flow by gripping the pen body more or less firmly. Shake well before using and apply to bisqueware only.

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