Acrylic Paints - Non-Fired Colors

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Acrylic paints are extremely versatile for decorating various craft projects including ceramics. You can use them to paint canvas, wood, bisque and non-fired clay. These paints work great for collage, air brushing, and sculpture. Apply acrylic paints in a thin layer for a light tint or apply thickly to add texture. Acrylics can simulate oil painting, impasto and even watercolor! Add acrylic mediums to obtain nearly infinite textures and effects. We feature Liquitex Paints, the leading brand of acrylic paints, and a selection of Duncan acrylic paints in fun finishes and metallics!

Air Dry and Acrylic paints are good for craft projects, for children, for decorative objects such as sculptures. The colors are not durable like fired clay and glazes. True ceramics are fired at over 2000 degrees F, which turns the clay into a glass-like material. This is impossible to do at oven temperatures. Please keep this in mind when purchasing this product. It cannot be used for kitchen tiles, bowls, mugs, etc.

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