Art-No: GSMOGM24
Creative Paradise GM24 Weave Bars
Quick Overview

The Creative Paradise GM24 Weave Bars are 6” x 1-1/2” x 1/2”.

There are four weave bars in this set.

Weave Bars from Creative Paradise let you creative unique fused glass patterns.

Space the weave bars evenly on a kiln shelf.

Lay glass to be slumped on top of the bars and then fire to slump.

Weave the slumped strips together and bring to a tack fuse.

You can even tack fuse and slump the glass inside another tray or bowl mold for interesting patterns and texture.

Apply glass separator or kiln wash before firing to keep the glass from sticking to the mold.

Size 6" long. 1.5" wide at base 1/2" wide
Shipping Group Parcel
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