Laguna Water Based Latex
Quick Overview

Laguna Water Based Latex comes in liquid form, in a one-pint container.

*NOTE: Now that colder weather is here please be advised that there is a chance your wax will freeze during shipment and no longer work. Please keep this in mind while ordering as these items will not be replaced when freezing. Order at your own risk

Water-based latex resist is used to make a flexible mold.

It has a good ability to reproduce detailed surface and it has a low degree of shrinkage.

Make thin, flexible molds to pour plaster in.

Liquid Latex will be damaged if frozen or kept in cold temperatures, even cold air during the winter.

For this reason, we may not ship this item during freezing weather.

Tips for use:

  • Brush one coat at a time over the model. Allow each coat to dry before brushing additional layers.
  • Latex mold may stretch when being pulled away from model.
  • Before and after using a brush with latex, wash the brush with soap and water.
  • Slip, trail, or brush this directly onto your pottery or over a glaze to use it as a removable resist. 
  • Build up the mold with layers of cheesecloth between coats.
Note Water base latex is one of the more simple materials used to make a flexible mold. Its ability to reproduce detailed surfaces is very good and the shrinkage is low. Apply by brushing one coat at a time over the model, allowing each coat to dry before ad
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