Ceramic Pottery Tools & Supplies

As with any hobby, once you get started with ceramics, you will want to get yourself the right tools and supplies to be able to allow for your creativity. While you certainly can use just your hands and a pottery wheel, tools will really help to increase what you can accomplish and help you take your ceramic creations to the next level.

Keeping your clay wet is essential when shaping and designing your pottery, so you will definitely need some sponges. If you are working off the wheel, you should consider buying some slabmats or canvases. You’ll also like the convenience of a shrink ruler to help you gauge the size of your creations.

When it comes to expanding your creativity, there are plenty of tools you will need. Knives, carving tools, hole cutters, wire end tools and modeling tools all can help you to shape and form your clay into the design you want. Tools like trimming tools and clean up tools assist with finishing off your pieces before they go in the kiln. Finally, don’t forget about helpful tools, like the wire cut off, which lets you cut large chunks of clay down to a workable size.

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