Ceramic Molds & Plaster

Molds or Ceramic Molds in particular have been used for centuries to make perfect reproductions of three-dimensional objects. They make it possible to repeat patterns and forms at the same time, especially the more complex ones. They are usually made out of plaster as plaster ceramic molds absorb water out of the clay as it dries, which is why they are most commonly used in pottery. This keeps the clay from sticking to them and helps reduce warping.

The ceramic molds that we have below are made of plaster and are used for either forming or texturing clay. These plaster drape, hump, and slump ceramic molds come in a variety of sizes and shapes to be used to make an unlimited number of forms including planters, dishes, vases, and more. All you have to do is drape a slab of clay over the top of the mold and let your imagination do the rest.

Be sure to head on over to our How-to page for more tips about molds particularly Tip No. 45

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