Balsa Foam

The difference between the Balsa-Foam and any other plastic foam is that it can easily be carved with traditional and non-traditional hand tools to create the shape and design you want. It can also be decorated with any paint just like a balsa wood can. It is made from a dense, rigid, and expanded plastic developed specifically with model making in mind making it ideally suited for carving and sculpting any structure with fine detail.

Since Balsa-Foam has no memory or rebound, it will hold an impression. This means you can create detailed shapes by simply pressing any object into the surface. To make sure you get every detail of the object being pressed, you can use a steel ruler to push it even harder and to cut out more complex interior shapes. As mentioned earlier, the foam can be cut using traditional and non-traditional hand tools meaning you can experiment with all sorts of tools to find the ones that work best for you.

The Balsa Foam comes in three types but we currently only have two types below. Type I is the softest and the easiest to work with while Type II is more rigid and denser.

To learn more about the product and tips for working with the Balsa Foam, head on over here.

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