Mesh Info:Lower number meshes are coarser and are typically used for clays and slips. High number meshes are finer and used for glazes. The number (40, 60, 80, etc) represents the number of wires in the mesh per linear inch.

Talisman Rotary Sieve

This unique sieve has a manually operated crank handle which is attached to a holder that houses three nylon brushes. As the handle is turned the brushes force the liquid or dry material through the screen. The plastic tapered body fits firmly on many sizes of round containers (3-5 gallon buckets). Comes with one screen of your choice. Lower meshes are coarser and used for clays and slips; high meshes are finer and used for glazes. 16" diameter at the top, tapering to 8 5/8" diameter at the bottom. Really speeds up glaze mixing! Brushes are included.

The Rotary sieves are great for fast sieving of glazes without wrist strain. The Talisman screens can be interchanged between the Rotary and Standard sieves, which is an advantage if you have multiple sieves. The Talisman Studio sieve fits on smaller size buckets. The Cole LLC Lab sieves do not have removable screens, but they fit most 5 or 3.5 gallon buckets.

Replacement Screens

For the Talisman Rotary Sieve and Studio Sieves

Talisman Studio Hand Sieve

Rigid plastic sieve. Uses same replacement screens as above. Top diameter 10 1/2", tapering to 8 5/8" at the bottom. (Spatula shown is not included)

Talisman Test Sieves

Rigid plastic sieve, used for mixing up small batches of glaze. Top diameter 4 3/8", bottom diameter 3 1/2".

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