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These premium quality trim tools feature a true tool-steel loop that is hardened, tempered, and then cryogenically treated to create a super steel blade. We've personally tested these tools and we're impressed. Trims great, comfortable to hold, and (with the green handle) it's easy to spot among your other tools.If you've been having trouble finding a good trimming tool lately, get a Groovy Tool.

200 Series Heavy Gauge: The loop is ¼” wide, and sharp on both edges. The acetate handles are covered with closed cell foam grips for added comfort. The overall length of each tool is approximately 6-1/2”. The tools can be re-sharpened for extra long life.

300 Series Medium Gauge: 300 SERIES tools are made of a MEDIUM GAUGE high carbon steel. The blades are hardened and tempered to withstand abrasion from clay, but tough enough to be impacted and not break. Super for trimming and faceting.

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