Thomas Stuart Professional Wheel
Quick Overview

The Thomas Stuart Professional Pottery Wheel by Skutt features a 1 HP motor, removable 14" wheel head and can center over 400 pounds of clay.

The solid-state, constant-torque, continual-duty motor of the Professional wheel (with cooling fan) is larger to dissipate heat. This provides a wheel with more power than other wheels of similar horsepower ratings.

Upgrade to the new SSX drive system and experience much quieter wheel operation, with more torque and smoother foot pedal control.

The Professional is equipped with a built-in splash pan.

5-year warranty.

Motor 1 HP
Wheel head Removable 14"
Centering Capacity ( lbs ) 400 +
Body Style Built-In Splash Pan
Color Forest Green
Shipping Group Free (Parcel)
Shipping weight (lbs.) 138
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