The Cink
Quick Overview

A Complete Clay Filtering and Water Recycling System for your studio. Clean up clay the easy way with The Cink. The Cink is a portable rinse and cleaning area for your studio. It captures all clay for reuse or easy disposal. You put nothing down you regular drain connection. It is not connected to your regular drain system!

The Cink uses a circulating water system that filters out solid clay. The filters can even be cleaned in The Cink itself. The system captures particles down to 1 micron in size. Cleanup and maintenance is easy. The Cink is a great solution for potters who have studio space without running water or a drain. All that is needed to get started is a typical 120V household outlet and an initial supply of water. Pumps 2.2 gallons per minute.

Receptacle Typical 120V household outlet
Ampere 4 amps
Overall dimensions 40" wide x 50" tall x 24" deep
Basin 18" x 17", 11 " deep
Shipping Group Free (Truck)
For Schools Order using a PO & other useful information.


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