Laguna Talc, Pioneer 2882 in Bulk
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Laguna Talc, Pioneer 2882 in Bulk is a grey powder.

It is available in a 50-lb container.

Talc is also known as magnesium silicate hydrate, steatite, or soapstone.

Pioneer 2882 is a white-burning, high-organic, Texas talc that is low in calcium.

It is a very active flux in mid-range and high-fire clays and glazes.

Talc is an insoluble mineral.

It is used as a matting agent in earthenware glazes, and at high temperatures can produce magnesia mattes.

Note: Bulk items are intended for customers local to our Sparks, NV, warehouse. will ship bulk orders, but we will charge a $5 surcharge, in addition to posted shipping fees. Please contact us for pricing if you are interested in buying chemicals by the half-ton or ton.

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