Pure & Simple SlumpHump Medium Ellipse Mold
Quick Overview

The Pure & Simple SlumpHump Medium Ellipse Mold is 6” x 14” x 2-1/4”.

These plaster drape molds are widely used in art classes and personal studios.

Drape molds get their name from the fact that you can drape a slab of clay over the top of the mold.

Slump molds have a concave form, and hump molds have a convex shape.

These molds have both a hump mold and slump mold, depending on which side you use.

This mold from Pure & Simple is popular for experimenting with different forms.

Note that the dimensions represent the working area, and the size of the whole mold is larger.

This is a plastic mold to create your own plaster mold

Height ( inches ) 2.25
Width ( inches ) 6
Length ( inches ) 14
Lbs of plaster -slump 8.4
Lbs of plaster - hump 3.9
Note 14" Experiment with the form: add a rim, or lugs and a thrown foot for a playful, unusual piece.
Shipping Group Parcel
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