Art-No: GROUP-KNSKKM614-115-3
Skutt KM614-3 Kiln
Quick Overview

The Skutt KM614-3 electric kiln fires to 2,250°F on 115 volts. The 14" doll kiln features a 3" firebrick.

The KM614-3 is equipped with a KilnMaster electronic controller with two different modes: cone firing and ramp/hold.

Now with New Optional Touchscreen Controller With Built-In Wifi! 

You can select the add-on option after you select the kiln.

You can find more information about this new awesome add-on by going to this link:

Degree F ( max ) 2,250°F
Cone 6
Firebrick 3"
Volt 115
Watt 2,300
Ampere 30
Receptacle 5-20
Size interior ( wide x high x deep ) 11 x 13.5"
Volume ( cu ft. ) 0.8
Shipping Group Truck
Shipping weight (lbs.) 88
Art-No: GROUP-KNSKKM614-115-3
Skutt KM614-3 Kiln
Skutt Auto Kiln KM614, 115v, 3" brick   +$1,199.00
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Optional Add-Ons
  • Skutt Touchscreen Controller for New KM/GM Kilns   +$319.00
  • Skutt Envirovent 2   +$439.00
  • 614 Furn Kit (1 full, 1 half shelf, 5/8" thick 9-10" diameter; 3 each posts 1-6", 1.5" thick)   +$93.00
  • Half Shelf for 614 5/8" thick half shelf   +$19.00
  • Full shelf for 614 5/8" thick full shelf   +$25.00
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