Shipping Options Explained

Domestic Shipping(Continue Below for International)

Please note that UPS business days are Monday to Friday. U.S. Postal Service business days are Monday to Saturday. Also note that certain options are not available for all orders. Backordered items will have longer delivery times than stated below. Once backordered items become available they will be shipped via the shipping method you selected.


U.S. Postal Service ESTIMATED delivery in 3-9 business days


UPS GUARANTEED delivery in 2-6 business daysWestern U.S. 2-3 DaysCentral U.S. 3-5 DaysEastern U.S. 5-6 Days

3 Day

UPS GUARANTEED delivery by the end of the third business day

2 Day

UPS GUARANTEED delivery by the end of the second business day

Next Day

UPS GUARANTEED next business day delivery by end of day

International Shipping

Rates for Standard to Canada do not include charges for customs clearance. Rates for Standard to Mexico include routine customs clearance. From the U.S. to Mexico, customs clearance by UPS is required. Customs brokerage charges, duties, and taxes are not included for Standard.


  • Day-definite delivery based on origin and destination to Canada and Mexico


  • Delivery in two business days to Canada
  • Delivery in two or three business days to Mexico
  • Delivery in three or four days to Europe
  • Delivery in four or five days to Asia and Latin America

If you are requesting a delivery outside of the United States, we will contact you with international shipping options and rates via email after you place your order through checkout.

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