Bailey Quick-Trim II
Quick Overview

The Bailey Quick-Trim II is a centering device and holding tool for leather-hard or bisque ware. Designed for re-centering, trimming or decorating ceramic ware. It measures 12”, 15” or 23” in diameter.

The Bailey Quick-Trim is the newest version of an already great product from Bailey. The Quick-Trim II allows potters to make new shapes, including unusual shapes, with ease.

The Quick-Trim II will fit all wheels with 9” or 10” bat pin centers.

Simple assembly is required with a Phillips head screwdriver and can take as little as 10 minutes. 

Each of the three sizes have slightly different characteristics:
- The 12”-diameter Quick-Trim II is 12-1/2” wide and has a maximum holding of 8-3/4”.
- The 15”-diameter Quick-Trim II is 15-1/2” wide and has a maximum holding of 11-3/4”.
- The 23”-diameter Quick-Trim II is 23-1/2” wide and has a maximum holding of 18-3/4”.

All three models come with a set of four 1”-wide High Holders. Having four holders has several advantages.
- It can take as little as seven seconds to secure a pot for trimming.
- You can hold multi-sided, organic, and asymmetrical forms.
- There is increased holding power.

Additional taller holders are available in 2"-, 3"-, 4"-, and 6"-high versions. 
- Taller holders will reduce the maximum diameter that can be held.

Outer diameter add about half an inch for each diameter
Max. fitting pottery subtract about 3 inches for each diameter
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