Art-No: PMPPVPM-30
Peter Pugger VPM-30 Vacuum Power Wedger
Quick Overview Model VPM30 and up are available in 3 phase at no additional cost. VPM9 and VPM20 are not available in 3 phase. If you can afford it, a mixer-pug mill combination is the ultimate clay recycling machine. Just throw clay into the hopper, almost any consistency will do, and out comes beautiful pugged clay. Perfect for schools and studios, or any large user of clay!
Batch size 85 lb
Pugging rate 800#/hr
Mixing Rate 240#/hr
Motor 1.5 HP
Vacuum Pump 1/2 HP
Nozzle 3"
Shipping Group Free (Truck)
Shipping weight (lbs.) 410
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