Art-No: KNORWK050-2-105
Orton AutoFire 4000, 50 amp, 240v, 10-50 plug
Quick Overview

Easy to install.  Insert the thermocouple into your kiln.  Plug your kiln into the controller, and the controller into the wall receptacle... and you are ready to go.

It is available in a variety of configurations for standard amperages and plug/receptacle types.  The power cord is 6 ft long.  A K-Type  thermocouples is standard with an 8ft lead wire.  (S-Type is an option. )  2 year controller warranty.

Choose the controller you need by...

1- Identifying your kilns voltage and maximum amperage requirement (not the breaker size).  This information is normally noted on a stamped manufacturing plate on the kiln.  Select the controller which is rated for the indicated voltage, and meets/exceeds the indicated amperage.

2- Select the plug type your kiln uses, comparing with those shown below.

There are other controller sizes available, including 3 phase.  We can get a custom controller made for almost any kiln.  Got questions?  Let us know.

Volt 240
Ampere 50
Shipping Group Parcel
For Schools Order using a PO & other useful information.


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