Olympic 1814GFETLC Glass Kiln

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The Olympic 1814GFETLC electric kiln is used for the fusing and forming of glass shapes, precious metal clay and heat treating. It fires to 1,700°F on 240 or 208 volts. The GFETLC series is unique in that it features both a top and clamshell loading option for maximum versatility. The 1814GFETLC is one of the medium depth round kilns in the GFETLC line.

The 1814GFETLC is equipped with a lid element for the fusing segment of the glass firing and a body element for the ramping up and down and annealing segments of the firing. A selector switch is on the electrical box to designate either the lid or body element to heat during the firing.

It comes with a RTC-1000 electronic controller.

Picture shown is with optional RTC-1000 Controller.

Degree F ( max ) 1,700°F
Firebrick 2.5"
Phase Single / 3
Volt 240 / 208
Watt 6,000
Ampere 25 (240) / 28 (208)
Recommended breaker (amp) 40
Receptacle 6-50
Size interior ( wide x high x deep ) 18 x 18 x 13.5"
Size exterior including stand ( wide x high x deep ) 28 x 28 x 32"
Volume ( cu ft. ) 2.5
Shape 8-sided
Shipping Group Free (Truck)
Shipping weight (lbs.) 360
Olympic 1814GFETLC Glass Kiln
Olympic 1814GFETLC Glass Kiln, 12 key RTC-1000 Controller, clamshell/top opening   +$2,239.00
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Optional Add-Ons
  • Olympic 189 furniture kit, glass kiln ( 2 full shelves, 3 each posts 1", 3", 5", 2 sq ft ceramic paper, 1 lb kiln wash )   +$139.00
  • Olympic full shelf 15.5" diameter shelf for 189/1814   +$49.00
  • Olympic Glass Quartz Porthole Option, 2" diam   +$59.00
  • Olympic Punty (bead) Door Option on round glass kiln 4"x2"   +$89.00
  • Olympic Punty (bead) Door   +$59.00
  • Large Punty Door   +$70.00
  • Quartz Porthole (Round)   +$48.00
  • Quartz Window   +$70.00
  • Olympic 3 Zone Control   +$149.00
  • Olympic CE European Wiring   +$109.00
  • Automatic Safety Lid Shut-off   +$149.00
  • Olympic Counter Weight Lid System   +$319.00
  • Olympic Kiln Castors   +$219.00
  • Flash Arm for Olympic Kiln   +$79.00
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