Art-No: KNOLElectroSitter-RTC
Olympic Electro Sitter - KilnSitter Replacement - RTC-1000
Quick Overview

Olympic Kilns has developed the Electro Sitter.  It's a complete drop-in replacement for your existing KilnSitter assembly, featuring a Bartlett RTC-1000 electronic controller!

It comes complete with an attached thermocouple.  It can programmed to fire either cone fire or ramp-hold sequences.  The box fits where the kiln sitter/timer is currently attached to your kiln.  Simply remove the screws from the front of the kiln sitter and detach the wires connected to the back.  After positioning the thermocouple, reverse the process to install the Electro Sitter.  It's that easy.

Click here to see how it's done

It works on any brand of KilnSitter model kiln up to a 50 amps draw (208/240 volts, single phase).  Each Electro Sitter comes with a Type-K thermocouple, ceramic fiber, and instruction manual.  One year limited warranty.  9 lbs

If you have a LT-3 or Model-P KilnSitter, or any model sitter that is installed in a small electrical box, let us know then ordering (and provide a photo if possible).  We will pass this information to Olympic and they will build an ElectroSitter that will fit correctly.

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