Olympic 2827G Gas Kiln

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The Olympic 2827G gas kiln heats to 2,350°F on 12 gallons per firing.

The 2827G, as part of Olympic’s Torchbearer updraft gas kilns, is constructed with a durable firebrick.

Models can be purchased with burners only or with the option of a burner system which includes an ignition to light multiple burners at one point, maintain the flame on each burner and re-ignite any burner that may extinguish. The thermocouple safety shut-off will stop the gas flow if the flame is lost entirely.

Degree F ( max ) 2,350°F
Cone 10
Firebrick 3"
Consumption per firing 12 gallons
BTU/HR 280,000
Burners 4
Inside dimensions 28.25 x 27"
Volume ( cu ft. ) 10
Outside dimensions 46 x 41"
Note Please be warned, gas kilns are not for beginners or for someone who just wants to press a button and have the kiln fire itself.
Shape Round
Shipping Group Free (Truck)
Shipping weight (lbs.) 450
Olympic 2827G Gas Kiln
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Optional Add-Ons
  • Olympic Low Pressure Regulator for 23in and 28in gas kiln   +$149.00
  • Olympic Furniture Kit for 28 inch Gas Kiln ( 6 half shelves, 6 each posts 3, 6, 9, 12", 1# kiln wash )   +$559.00
  • Olympic 28in Gas Kiln Blank Ring   +$279.00
  • Olympic Half Shelf for 28XXG   +$79.00
  • Olympic Analog Pyrometer Option   +$139.00
  • Olympic Digital Pyrometer Set with kiln   +$169.00
  • Olympic Gas Electronic Controller   +$839.00
  • Stainless Steel Hood Vent for Olympic Gas Kiln   +$1,159.00
  • Flash Arm for Olympic Kiln   +$79.00
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