Art-No: KNOL2331G-002
Quick Overview

Olympic has incorporated the high quality standards of its electric kilns into the Torchbearer Gas Kilns.  Portable gas kilns offer many advantages such as low initial cost, convenient movement for demonstration firings, and for use in situations where space does not permit the installation of large permanent kilns.

The Olympic torchbearers will fire to cone 10 using natural gas, propane, or butane, and may be easily adjusted for oxidation, reduction, or Raku firing.  The multiple burner configuration gives the Torchbearers very even heating characteristics, fast controllable firing times, and economical operation.   

For setup, contact your local gas company to purchase 3/4" pipeline, low pressure regulator and gas tank (if running on propane.)  Propane runs on 11" water column (water column is rate of gas pressure.)  Natural gas runs on 7" water column.  Gas consumption per firing: 18" model, 5 gallons per firing.  23" model, 7-10 gallons per firing.  28" model, 10 gallons per firing.

Olympic approximates that to achieve a cone 10 firing, you will use one gallon of LPG, per every cubic foot of kiln volume, (i.e. The 7 cu ft 2327G, will consume approximately 7 cu ft of LPG for cone 10.)

Note about these kilns
These gas kilns look like electric kilns, complete with sections, but they are not as easy to fire.  Typically it takes much more testing and experimentation to get good results from a gas kiln.  Gas kilns are simply a more complex of a firing system.  For example, you may have to raise the bottom shelf, or put an extra shelf at the top of the kiln to get it to fire evenly.  Will also have to learn how to adjust the burners for an oxidation or reduction environment.  If you are willing to take on these types of issues, then these kilns can be a great alternative to a larger downdraft models, especially if you are on a tight budget.   But please be warned, gas kilns are not for beginners or for someone who just wants to press a button and have the kiln fire itself.

Cone 10
Consumption per firing 5 gallons
Burners 2
Size Opening 17.5"
Depth ( inches ) 27"
Volume ( cu ft. ) 3.95
Note Please be warned, gas kilns are not for beginners or for someone who just wants to press a button and have the kiln fire itself.
Shipping Group Free (Truck)
Shipping weight (lbs.) 205
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