Art-No: GROUP-KNOL1214ERaku-120
Olympic 1214E Raku Kiln

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The Olympic 1214E Raku electric kiln fires to 2,100°F on 120 volts. Unlike other Olympic raku kilns, it is not powered by gas.

Olympic Raku kilns are especially designed for raku work by retaining heat in the firing chamber when elevated by the turn of a hand winch, allowing easy access, while trapping the heat in the kiln and away from the operator.

Choose from a three-key Bartlett electronic controller or a more advanced 12-key controller.

Degree F ( max ) 2,100°F
Cone 4
Firebrick 3"
Volt 120
Watt 1,920
Ampere 16
Recommended breaker (amp) 20
Receptacle 5-20
Size interior ( wide x high x deep ) 11.25 x 13.5"
Size exterior including stand ( wide x high x deep ) 26 x 52"
Volume ( cu ft. ) 0.86
Note Kiln sitters are not recommended because they can tip when the kiln lid is raised and lowered.
Shipping Group Free (Truck)
Shipping weight (lbs.) 185
Art-No: GROUP-KNOL1214ERaku-120
Olympic 1214E Raku Kiln
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  • Olympic Kiln 1214 Full Shelf (use at bottom to protect kiln)   +$29.00
  • Olympic Kiln 1214 Furniture Kit (2 full shelves, 3 each - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 inch posts, 1 lb bag kiln wash)   +$149.00
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