Art-No: SCMWiBAL2600
Special Order Item - My Weigh iBalance 2600, 2600g x 0.1g
Quick Overview

Up until now, potters often had to get either a mechanical Triple Beam Scale, or twodigital scales for weighing out glazes.  The reason is that digital scales could either weigh a large amount up to 1g accuracy, or a smaller amount with greater accuracy (1/10 gram).  So potters would often get a large capacity scale for ingredients that are used in large proportions, and a small capacity scale for weighing small amounts like colorants or making test batches.  Now there is a Digital scale that does both. 

MyWeigh iBalance 2600 weighs up to 2600 grams, and has 1/10 gram accuracy. So you only need one scale!  Includes tare function which zeros out for the container you are using, plus hold, memory, weighs in g or oz.  We found it very convenient not having to go between two different scales depending on capacity.  

Additional features include a backlight and extra large LCD screen, large stainless steel tray, parts counting features.  An AC adaptor is included, or it can operate on 6 AA batteries.  The i2600 uses a high precision 26,000 division load cell with an integrated thermistor to compensate for temperature changes and auto zero tracking to ensure stability.  This scale is a remarkable value!

Accuracy 0.1 g
Capacity 2600g (5.7 lb)
Note MyWeigh (and many other scale companies) require that all failed scales, even if recently purchased, be returned to their repair center for repair/replacement. As a reseller, they will not allow us to return scales for repair. Because of this, we test
Shipping Group Parcel
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