Mudtool - Mud Cutter, Straight Wire (Large)
Quick Overview

The Mudcutter has been designed to go around a 4" pug, or an extrusion.  The cutting wire is 5.5" long.  It's design lends itself to the slicing and cutting of handbuilding, or at the wheel it fits well in the hand.

 It also works great as a faceting tool.  This is one tool that once you use it, you will ask yourself 'how did I work without it?  Mudcutter is made of stain steel with a surgical stain steel wire under tension.  It is easy to change the wires, if needed.  The handle has an insert made from the same material as the ribs.  The tool is made so you can lay it in a bucket of water and it won't rust or degrade.  This is a lifetime tool.  (Curly wire makes cool looking slices!) Instruction for replacing/swapping wires here

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