Minnesota Clay Company Wax Resist Underglaze Potter's Pen
Quick Overview

The Minnesota Clay Company Wax Resist Underglaze Potter's Pen has a maximum firing temperature of Cone 9.

*NOTE: Now that colder weather is here please be advised that there is a chance your wax will freeze during shipment and no longer work. Please keep this in mind while ordering as these items will not be replaced when freezing. Order at your own risk

You can draw on bisqueware and cover with a clear glaze using Minnesota Clay Company underglaze Potter's Pens. Signing the bottom of your piece will not make it stick to your shelf. This pen is for fine line resist wax work.

How to use:

- Hold the pen body in the middle.
- Press down while writing to activate the spring-loaded tip.
- Hold down and squeeze the pen while writing.

More tips:

- Most lines are 1 mm thick, but how thick and opaque a line you achieve depends upon several factors.
- Grip the pen body more firmly to make the line thicker.
- In order to make a very opaque decoration, draw more deliberately.

Cone up to cone 09
Note Rose should be fired to a maximum temperature of Cone 4
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