Minnesota Clay Company Blue Underglaze Potter's Pen
Quick Overview

The Minnesota Clay Company Blue Underglaze Potter's Pen has a maximum firing temperature of Cone 9.

You can draw on bisqueware and cover with a clear glaze using Minnesota Clay Company underglaze Potter's Pens. Signing the bottom of your piece will not make it stick to your shelf.

 How to use:

- Hold the pen body in the middle.
- Press down while writing to activate the spring-loaded tip.
- Hold down and squeeze the pen while writing.

 More tips:

- Most lines are 1 mm thick, but how thick and opaque a line you achieve depends upon several factors.
- Grip the pen body more firmly to make the line thicker.
- In order to make a very opaque decoration, draw more deliberately.

Cone Up to cone 9
Shipping Group Parcel
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