Minnesota Clay Company Black Potter's Slip
Quick Overview

The Minnesota Clay Company Black Potter's Slip is available in 4-oz bottles and 1-pint jars.

Minnesota Clay Company Potter's Slips are used to create decorative patterns.

To use:

- Shake well before using to activate the deflocculant and provide good fluidity.
- Perforate the tip of the bottle using a needle.
- Holding your slip trailer bottle upside down with the cap on, shake the slip so that it fills the tip end of the bottle to minimize air bubbles that might cause a break in the slip-trailed line.

More tips:

- Apply to moist clay for a raised line.
- Potter's slip may also be brushed on at any stage, but it will need to be thinned with water.
- Potter's slip is stable from Cone 06 to Cone 8.

Cone 06-8
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