Mayco Stoneware Dry Glaze Speckled Plum
Quick Overview

Mayco Stoneware Dry Glaze Speckled Plum is a dry glaze that can be used with any midrange clay body in the 4-6 cone range but is also beautiful and stable in cone 10.

Mayco Stoneware Dry Glazes are beautiful and reliable glazes meant for application on virtually any midrange clay piece. With a wide temperature range, these glazes can be used from cones 4-6 and even all the way up to cone 10. The higher heat will affect some glaze colors more then it will others so consult the manufacturer's website for expected outcomes of your glaze. These glazes are non-toxic and can be combined with a host of other Mayco products and glazes to create unique and interesting pieces. Mayco Stoneware Speckled Plum comes in a 5lb and 25lb bag.

Cone 4-6
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
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