Paragon Kiln Wash
Quick Overview

The Paragon Kiln Wash comes in a 1 pint liquid container.

Kiln wash from Paragon does not melt at high temperatures and thus forms a protective barrier between kiln shelves and ceramic glaze.

This kiln wash cannot be used on the bottom of ceramic fiber kilns, but can be used on the bottom of firebrick kilns, such as the BigCeramicStore Biggest Little Kiln.

When cleaning the bottom of the kiln, do not let the wash splash on the walls, or it may seep into an element groove and burn out the element.

Let the kiln wash dry overnight. You can speed up the process by placing shelves in the kiln and heating to 200 degrees for one hour. If the kiln-washed shelves are cool to the touch, then they are still wet.

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