Kemper IKEG Industrial Klay Extruder Gun
Quick Overview

The Kemper IKEG industrial klay extruder gun features a 20" long barrel with a diameter of 2" and is a large version of the syringe-style extruder gun.

A new, larger Clay Gun.  Barrel is 14" long, 2 1/4" diameter.  Very well made.  Extruder gun comes with 4 dies (1/4" round, 1/2" round, 3/8" round, and a blank).  

The IKEG comes with 4 dies: one 1/8", one 1/4", one 1/2" coil die and a blank die.

Barrel 14" long, 2" diameter
Included are... 4 dies (1/8" round, 1/4" round, 1/2" round, and a blank)
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