Laguna Underglaze EM1050 Super Clear
Quick Overview

This series of underglazes is recommended for schools and others desiring underglazes that do not contain lead.  They are safe for use on food and beverage containers when properly fired.  Glazes are formulated for brushing.

We stock this in gallons (which are most economical), and in a variety of primary colors which kids love! Underglazes are not shiny and should be covered with a clear glaze (must be covered with a dinnerware safe glaze to be considered dinnerware safe).Cone 06 Lead Free Underglazes.  Certified AP NonToxic, great for schools.  Can be fired up to Cone 10 but some colors will fade.  Be sure to test. 

Cone 6-10*
Dinnerware Yes
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP Non-Toxic
Shipping Group Parcel
For Schools Order using a PO & other useful information.


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