Laguna Mystic Atlantis Aqua (SO) WC105
Quick Overview

Important note from Laguna!  These glazes run slightly, mostly on porcelain clay bodies.  Fire to a true cone 5 (using witness cones.) 

This new line of glazes from Laguna are called Mystic Specialty Art glazes.  All are lead free.  These radical glazes redefine 'break-up" at Cone 5.  The mottled and shimmering colors create an exciting, almost "dancing effect" whether on functional or art ware.  WC103 is a base, and you can add your own stains and oxides to it to create your own colors.  All are lead free.  Normal precautions for breathing dust required when handling dry glazes.  On line Laguna MSDS here

New!  We have added the following notations to help you understand these glazes better.  O-Opaque, SO-Semi-Opaque, T-Transparent, M-Matte

Cone 5
Dinnerware Yes
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP Non-Toxic
Shipping Group Parcel
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