Art-No: GLLAMS82-G
Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes Sky Blue (O)-Gallon
Quick Overview

These glazes offer a broad selection of gloss, mottled, and matt finishes in warm stoneware colors.  These glazes may be fired in oxidation or reduction.  Fire to Cone 5.   

Lead free and safe for use on food containers when fired properly.   

All are lead free and safe for use on food containers when fired properly.  Normal precautions for breathing dust required when handling dry glazes.  On line Laguna MSDS here

We have added the following notations to help you understand these glazes better.  O-Opaque, SO-Semi-Opaque, T-Transparent, M-Matte

ALL COLORS AVAILABLE IN ALL SIZES: Pints, Gallons and Dry. If you want something not listed, please ask for the price.  It takes 3-4 weeks to order and get them in.  Please email us for price if not listed. Gallons can take up to 4 weeks but the price is significantly better than buying pints.
Codes in ( ) O-Opaque / SO-Semi-Opaque / T-Transparent / M-Matte
Cone 5-6
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP- Non-toxic
Dinnerware Yes
Volume Gallon
Shipping Group Parcel
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