Laguna WC-436, B-Mix 5 with Grog Clay
Quick Overview

Laguna WC-436, B-Mix 5 with Grog Clay is excellent for tableware, ovenware, tile, medium throwing, and small to medium handbuilding.

The addition of a very fine grog to regular Laguna B-Mix 5 gives it a slightly coarse texture and a much more forgiving body.

Pieces stay attached better, there is less cracking and warping, and clay is easier to throw.

Laguna WC-436 clay can be fired to cone 5, has an absorption rate of 2.75%, and has a shrinkage rate of 11%.

When wet, it is light gray in color, and fires off-white in oxidation or slightly coarse in reduction.

Cone 5
Abs 2.75%
Shrinkage 11%
Grog Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
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