Art-No: CLLALC102-36
Special Order Item - Laguna Clay Porcelain/Stoneware Sampler Set
Quick Overview

The Laguna Clay Porcelain/Stoneware Sampler Set comes with 4 lbs each of the following clays:

  • WC379 B Mix
  • WC415 English White Porcelain
  • WC384 Dave's Porcelain
  • WC428 Babu
  • WC879 Windsor Porcelain 
  • WC385 S Porcelain, W
  • C838 Kai Porcelain

This sampler set is a great way to try out new clays.

These clays fire up to Cone 10, and produce a range of colors from white to gray.

Note also that you can special order 50-lb boxes of clay.

Cone 10
Shrinkage various
Abs various
Shipping Group Parcel
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