Laguna CN401D White Star Casting Slip
Quick Overview

Laguna CN401D White Star Casting Slip is available in a 1 gallon, 5 gallon, or 50 lb container.

1 and 5 gallon containers come in a pre-mixed liquid, and 50 lb containers come as a dry powder.

Dry slip requires mixing with water and deflocculants such as soda ash, sodium silicate, or dispersal/Darvan to get proper results.

White Star Casting Slip from Laguna is an all-purpose casting clay with excellent plasticity.

It works well with most low fire glazes.

This clay produces strong greenware, and fires white.

It is non-vitreous, meaning it will absorb over 7% of its weight in water when submerged, and is therefore only for indoor use.

As a general guideline, 50 lbs of dry slip mixes with about 3 gallons of water to make about 5 gallons of slip.

To get the viscosity and specific gravity that you want, you will have to make the solution in the best ratio that works for you.

This slip fires to cone 06-04.

Abs 19%
Shrinkage 6%
Cone 06
Shipping Group Parcel
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