Art-No: CLLACN304D-50
Laguna Casting Slip CN304 Moroccan Sand Cone 5 -50 lb
Quick Overview

This is the original Cone 5 stoneware casting slip.  Fires well in both gas and electric kilns.  For a semi-vitreous, hard ware, Moroccan Sand makes a reliable stoneware slip that can be case in all standard molds.

Used for slip casting into plaster molds.  1 gallon and 5 gallon containers have premixed slip, ready for you to use (although minor adjustments may be necessary).  50# bags of dry slip requires mixing with water and deflocculants such as soda ash, sodium silicate or dispersal/Darvan to get proper results.  Mixing formulas vary.  See Laguna's web site for mixing information.

As a general guideline, 50 lbs of dry slip mixes with about 3 gallons of water to make about 5 gallons of slip.  However, slip needs to be mixed to achieve the desired viscosity and the specific gravity.  Here is some slip-making instructions from Laguna.  For additional mixing chemicals you might need, you can check our chemicals page

Abs 3%
Shrinkage 10%
Cone 5-6
Shipping Group Parcel
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