Art-No: GROUP-BWLA2285
Laguna NL-273, NL-274, and NL-275 Banding Wheels
Quick Overview

The Laguna NL-273 Banding Wheel and NL-274 have a ring of steel ball bearings and a cast iron/aluminum head that is 2” or 6-1/4” high, respectively; the Laguna NL-275 has a steel plate that is 5” high. All models are 8.5" in diameter.

The Laguna NL-273 and NL-274 (5" and 6-1/2" models, respectively) have high shank, making it easy to use even if you have large hands.

The concentric rings make it easy to center your piece.

Use these turntables for decorating, modeling, and sculpting.

They are great tools for banding or striping.

Wheel heads Cast Iron/Aluminum Wheel Heads (except for medium)
Shipping Group Parcel
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