Art-No: KPLLBrickRepairKit
L&L Kiln Brick Repair Kit
Quick Overview

An excellent brick repair kit from L&L.  It is intended for use on small to moderate sized cracks and gouges on the surface of soft firebrick.  The kit makes a grout-like material from firebrick dust mixed with water and a small amount of cement.  This compound dries into a material almost exactly like the original firebrick with the same color, consistency, texture and insulating properties.

The Brick Repair Kit includes: 1/2 pint of Special Phosphate Bonded Cement, 1/2 pint of brick facing, one small firebrick piece, one quart of firebrick dust, and detailed instructions. 

Although designed for L&L kilns, here at BigCeramicStore, we have used this kit with great results on various brands of our personal kilns.

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