Skutt Kilns Features

Skutt Manual Kilns:

The KS series is Skutt’s manual line of kilns. The "KS" refers to the KilnSitter which comes standard with every KS kiln. The information below lists all of the available models in the KS Series along with detailed information which will help you find the model that fits your needs best.

Standard Features:

  • Sectional design for easier moving and repair

  • 2 year limited warranty

  • 2 handles on each section

  • Kiln stand with no-mar foot pads

  • Sealed dust free lid with free floating hinge

  • Peep hole plugs

  • Owners Manual

  • Reversible lid and base

  • Stainless steel jacket

  • 3 way switches (high, medium, low)

Optional Accessories:

  • Limit Timer

  • KM-1 Controller (see automatic controllers below)

  • Furniture Kit

  • Envirovent

  • Pyrometer

You will notice that most of the models have an option for a "BR", which stands for blank ring. A blank ring allows the user to increase the height of their firing chamber by 4 1/2 inches. This ring can be added or removed at any time however be sure to note that the addition of a BR will significantly reduce the maximum cone temperature. It can be very useful for bisque or low fire of very tall pieces. Blank rings may not be added to electronic models.

A wired ring or "WR" may be added to the KS818 and KS818P models. However, it must be installed at the factory at the time the kiln is ordered and cannot be removed subsequently. A "WR" does not effect the temperature capabilities of the kiln.

-3 after the model means it is available with 3" firebrick for more insulation, resulting in lower energy use and slower cooling. The interior dimensions are slightly smaller however.

Skutt Automatic Kilns:

The KilnMaster Controller provides the user with a much more convenient and precise way of firing their kiln. It is available as a wall mount unit for upgrading existing manual kilns or factory installed on a wide range of Skutt kiln sizes.


The Cone Fire Mode runs preprogrammed firing schedules that were designed to optimally fire ceramics at the speed, cone number and hold time you input. They automatically slow down at critical phases such as the quartz inversion phase.
This mode lets the operator design their own firing schedule with up to 8 segments. A segment includes: a rate, a temperature and a hold time. It will even hold in permanent memory up to 6 of your most frequently used programs. You can program slow cooling as well, for working with crystal glazes.
After entering a program in either mode the controller will ask you if you want to input a specific temperature for an Alarm to sound.
It will then ask if you if you would like to Delay the start time of the kiln. This is helpful when you want to have the firing end at a time that is convenient for you to be present, or to save on energy bills by using at off-peak times. The controls may be viewed in degrees F or degrees C.
  • Delay Firing Start: up to 99 hours and 99 minutes

  • Cone Fire Mode: entry by cone number, 3 firing speeds, Cone 022 to Cone 10.

  • Ramp/Hold Mode: Entry by temperature, create programs from 1-8 segments. Each segment can specify a rate of heating or cooling to a specified temperature with an optional hold, to a maximum temperature of 2,350° F.

  • Memory holds up to 6 firing programs.

  • Safety features: Power failure detection, thermocouple Failure

  • Detection, Microprocessor Fault Detection.

  • Electronic Cone Table: Converts cone numbers to temperature. Digital

  • readout: Fahrenheit or Centigrade.

  • Program Review: Reviewing program and current segment during firing.

  • Temperature Alarm: Adjustable to desired temperature.

  • Control Panel: Sealed touch pad, washable.

  • Thermocouple: Encapsulated Type K.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.

In addition this line has most of the features of the KS manual line.

  • 2 year limited warranty

  • Multi-side design to eliminate hot spots

  • Stainless steel jacket

  • Sectionalized construction for easy moving on larger models

  • 2 lift handles on each section for easy lifting

  • Sealed, dust free lid with full-floating hinge

  • Swing away, air cooled switch box

  • Type K thermocouple

  • Exposed, pinned elements

  • Reversible top and bottom slabs for double life

  • Stand with no-mar foot pads

  • Peep Plugs

Typical 3-section Manual Kiln

Typical 3-section Automatic Kiln

Kilnmaster Automatic Controller

Sample Kiln shelves and posts

Envirovent 2


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