Olympic Kiln Features

Olympic electronic kilns ship with Bartlett controllers. Glass fusing kilns (GF models) come with the RTC1000 controller. All other electronic kilns ship with the V6-CF controller, except the HB86E which comes with the 3Key controller. (In some cases you can substitute between the RTC1000 and the V6-CF upon request when ordering.) You can read more about the Bartlett controllers, download manuals, etc, at http://www.bartinst.com/kiln.html

Cone 10 kilns (H models). Increasing the wall insulation with thicker brick rather than with soft insulation, retains the strength and rigidity of the standard Olympic Kiln, and brick replacement and maintenance is extremely easy. Olympic's proven electrical box design with heat shields and top and bottom perforations to keep the electric components cool, has even been improved upon on the cone 10 kilns. The electrical boxes are enlarged by 20% to give the same air flow cross section as the 28" kiln. The cone 10 kilns look much like the regular kilns, and their interior dimensions are the same as the corresponding standard kiln, however the outside dimensions of all but the 28" kiln are one inch larger. Olympic 23" and 28" cone 10 kilns have balanced heating elements to ensure even heating of the firing chamber under all firing conditions. In many cases, the kilns also have higher power available to get to Cone 10.

Whether you need is regular high firing of porcelain and stoneware, or efficient firing of ceramics requiring lower temperatures, the Olympic cone 10 kilns are for you.

Oval Kilns. The Olympic oval kiln was created to fill many needs. First to provide a kiln for large ceramic pieces and big commercial loads while requiring little more floor space than the cylindrical kiln. Second to offer easy loading and energy efficiency. The ovals have heavy duty construction to go with their large size. The bottom slab of all oval kilns is built into the bottom ring and reinforced with a galvanized metal plate for support. All oval kilns are constructed of 3" brick for added insulation and strength. Balanced heating elements insure an even distribution of heat within the kiln regardless of the load being fired. The lid is attached to the kiln with an oversized hinge and locking lid brace combination and secured to hidden reinforcing plates for added durability. The lid also has a hole in the center for venting. Ring configuration allows easy disassembly for size change and movement, and each ring has two handles for easy lifting. Olympic's unique ring lock prevents shifting of the kiln rings when in use.

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