Purchasing a Kiln from BigCeramicStore.com

We know that purchasing a kiln is a big deal for most people, and we hold your hand every of the way. Here is an overview of the whole process, from purchase to delivery. It is more applicable to the mid and large sized kilns that ship by truck. Smaller 120v kilns don't have so many options and ship by UPS/FedEx, so much of this process won't apply.


  1. You pick out a kiln (call 888-513-5303 or support@bigceramicstore.com for help if necessary).

  2. You decide which accessories you need to go with the kiln (shelves and posts are required unless you already have them). Other options may include a spare thermocouple, a wheeled stand, etc.

  3. You order the kiln online or by phone

  4. We will send you an email to

    • Clarify the delivery (find out whether you have a difficult driveway, whether you need a liftgate to get the kiln off the truck),

    • Explain how to receive the kiln

    • Confirm the voltage you need for the kiln (240v single phase is most common especially in homes, but you may have 208v single phase, 240v 3 phase, or 208v 3 phase. Almost all the kilns can be made to match the voltage you have. (Note that for the smaller 120v kilns, this is not necessary.)

    • Tell you how long your kiln should take to build

    • Other odds and ends. For example, if something looks odd in your configuration, we will tell you and make suggestions.

  5. You reply back to the email. Until you reply back, nothing gets processed. So you don't have to worry about making a mistake.

  6. We charge your credit card and submit the order to the factory, or to our warehouse if it happens to be an in-stock kiln.

  7. Once the kiln is built, we arrange the delivery. When the kiln is picked up by the freight company, we will email you a tracking number.

  8. If you are a residential customer, you will probably get a call from the freight company to arrange a delivery appointment.

  9. The Big Day - your new kiln arrives. Because you have taken the time to read through your confirmation email and links, you're properly prepared. Thoroughly inspect the kiln before signing the delivery receipt.

  10. You finish unpacking the kiln and move it into it's new home.

  11. You are thrilled with your shiny new kiln! Hopefully your electrician has done all the wiring while the kiln was being built, and you can just plug it in and start having fun! (Very large kilns are direct wired to the wall, so these may require an electrician to come hook them up.)


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