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Skutt Ceramic Kilns

Skutt Ceramic Kilns

120v Skutt Kilns 609, 614

Small Skutt Kilns Glaze Tech, 614, 818, 822 (up to 17.5" diameter)

Medium Skutt Kilns 1018, 1022, 1027, 1218 (23" and 28" diameter)

Large Skutt Kilns and Production Kilns (True Cone 10) 1222, 1227, 1227PK, 1231PK (28" diameter, 9.9-11.6 cu ft)

Oval Production Kilns 1627PK 31"x46" Oval (18.5 cubic ft)

Front Loader Kilns KM14F and KM16F (14 -16 Cu ft)

Skutt Glass Kilns

Skutt Glass Kilns

120 Volt Glass Fusing Beading and Slumping kilns FireBox 8, Firebox 14, GP706, HotStart Pro, GM10F bead

240 Volt Studio Glass Fusing and Slumping kilns GM814, GM1014, GM1214-3, GM1414 oval, GM22CS clamshell

Skutt Production Glass Kilns GM818, GM1018, GM1227-3

These kilns do not have a glass element but come with the glass controller. Skutt calls these production kilns because it is difficult to make large pieces in layers, but if you are doing mass production then you work out your process to the point where you can fire in layers.

When you are need of a kiln, whether you are buying your first or buying a replacement, it is a good idea to really go over your options and look at the features of specific brands. This will help you to determine what kiln best fits your needs. Skutt kilns come in ceramic and glass. They are also available in manual or automatic.

Manual kilns from Skutt have a sectional design. This makes them easier to move and to make repairs to. Each has a kiln stand and handles on all parts. The base and lid are both reversible and there is a free floating hinge on the lid. These kilns also have a three-way switch. Certain models may come with additional parts, like the blank ring, which increase the height.

Automatic Skutt kilns can be wall mounted and offer more firing precision thanks to the cone fire mode, which allows for preprogrammed firing schedules. Additional settings allow you to program delay firing, set temperatures, create preprogrammed firing settings and adjust the readout. From high-tech options to simpler versions, you can find what you need from Skutt.

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