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Paragon 120v Kilns

Paragon 120v Kilns

Paragon Kilns - 120v Kilns

Home Artist, S-11-9-3, X14J, Caldera, FireFly, BlueBird XL, QuickFire 6, E Series, Q series, E series, J series, SC2 and SC3, S11-9-3, F120/F130 Annealing Kilns

KM14D Knife Kiln

Small, Table Top Kilns, less than 1 cubic foot in interior size. Top Load and Front Load

  • Many of these Paragon kilns will fire hot enough for ceramics, as well as glaze and clay, but some will not and are best used for enameling, jewelry, glass, china painting and firing overglazes.
  • Each Paragon electric kiln description will have either a maximum temperature, or a maximum Cone. If a Cone level is specified, then the kiln can be used for ceramics (or anything else). 
  • Temperatures from 2000 degrees and lower are used for the other purposes only. Please note that 120v limits the size a kiln can be, because there is only so much power available. For larger kilns you will need to go to 24.
  • New for 2015: We are offering select SC, E and Q-series kilns in custom colors such as hot pink, navy, turquoise, purple, and more for a small fee!

Paragon Top Load Kilns

Paragon Top Load Kilns

Small Paragon Ceramic Kilns

66, 1613, 82

Medium Paragon Ceramic Kilns

23, 24, 99, Viking 24 True Cone 10

Large Studio and Production Paragon Cearmic Kilns

TnF27L-3, 28-3, Viking 28 True Cone 10, Ovation-22 Oval

Janus Dual-Media Kilns

Janus 1613, 23, 24, 27, Janus Ovation and Janus Dragon

  • Fire ceramics and glass in one kiln. Dual-Media Kilns have lid elements for glass, but get hot enough to fire ceramics.
  • Dual Media Kilns tend to be deep so are also great for glass casting and slumping deep pieces.

Paragon Glass Kilns

Paragon Glass Kilns

Fusion Glass Kilns

Fusion 7, 8 and 10, CS14 and CS17 Clam Shell, and Ovation Large Ovals

Pearl - Clamshell Kilns

Pearl 18, 22 and 44

Rectangular (E19, GL Models)

GL18, GL22, GL24, GL44 and GL64

Vulcan Glass Crucible Kiln

If you're looking for a small to medium size front load, start here.

MagicFuse Microwave Kiln

Paragon 240v Annealing Kilns

Models F200, F240

Paragon Front Load Kilns

Paragon Front Load Kilns

Front Load Ceramic

Iguana 4.2 cu feet Dragon 9 cu feet Super-Dragon 15.2 cu feet

Front Load Ceramic & Glass

Janus Dragon 9 cu feet

Front Load Glass

GL18, GL22, GL24
  • Some people prefer front-load kilns because they are easier to load. However, they are more expensive.
  • Paragon has finally made front-load kilns reasonably priced and we're passing the savings on to you!

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