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ConeArt 120V Ceramic Kilns

ConeArt 120v Small Kilns

Models: 119 (0.75 cubic feet)

ConeArt Ceramic Kilns

Small ConeArt Double Walled Kilns

Models: 1813 and 1822 Double Wall (1.7-3.3 cubic feet)

Medium ConeArt Double Walled Kilns

Models: 2327 and 2818 (6.6-7 cubic feet)

Large ConeArt Double Walled Kilns

Models: 2827 Round, 3627, 4227, and 4236 Oval (10-16.5 cubic feet)

ConeArt Glass Kilns

ConeArt Glass Kilns (also fire Ceramics)

High fire plus glass (so you can fire ceramics AND glass Models: 2309, 2809, 4209 (2.3-5.5 cubic feet)
  • These kilns are made by ConeArt and sold under both the ConeArt and the Shimpo names.
  • These kilns are excellent for Cone 5-10 firing because they have extra insulation.
  • Note: These kilns used to be branded by Shimpo but were always built by ConeArt.

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