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The Biggest Kiln you can get for a dryer outlet! It's priced lower than other brands but you get more!

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We recognized that for many people, the only 240 volt electrical circuit they have available for a kiln is the same one their clothes dryer uses, and that's important. In most cases this limits you to 30 amps of power. Also, many potters don't fire above Cone 6, but most kilns are capable of reaching Cone 10. We asked Paragon to build us the largest kiln possible that could reach Cone 8 and still operate on a 240 volt, 30 amp circuit. Plus, we asked for a longer power cord to make plugging it in easier. Now we're passing on this special kiln to you.

The Biggest Little Kiln has 2.9 cubic feet in interior volume, a sectional design (so its easier to move around and set up), and comes with two controller options - the full 12-Key Sentry Controller, or the more economical Sentry Xpress 3-key Controller. Both controllers can run automated cone-fire sequences, as well as ramp-hold programs. The 12-Key controller can do a few more things and has a keypad to type in numbers directly (instead of up/down arrow keys) and has a direct access keypads to some functions. This electric kiln is backed by Paragon's standard 2-year warranty.

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