Aftosa JB6 Alderwood Jewelry Box For One 6" Tile
Quick Overview

The Aftosa JB6 Alderwood Jewelry Box For One 6" Tile has the following dimensions:

  • Outside Dimensions: Approximately 7-5/8" x 6-5/8" x 4-1/8
  • Inside Tile Dimensions: 6-1/8"
  • Frame Border: 1-13/16"
  • Lip Depth: 11/16”
  • Lid Height: 5/8”

This box from Aftosa is perfect for displaying your tile artwork.

The alderwood box is elegant and inexpensive.

The natural finish has a nice sheen that will not distract from your artwork.

The box has rubber pads on the bottom to protect surfaces when you set it down.

The bottom piece of wood is plywood and is finished on the inside, but not on the bottom side.

Tile is not included.

Outside dimensions 5 1/4"sq x 2 1/8"
Inside dimensions 4 1/4" sq x 1 1/4"
Shipping Group Parcel
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