Art-No: KCITC296A-G
ITC-296A Ceramic Top Coating-Gallon
Quick Overview

ITC products are high refractory coatings used for coating the inside of kilns and elements.  Benefits are lower energy costs, faster firings, and less wear and tear on your kiln.  ITC products are used extensively in industry in applications from commercial ceramics to the space shuttle.  Nils Lou, in "The Art of Firing" writes "The ITC coatings are as technologically significant as the development of the insulating brick."  

ITC 296A Ceramic Top Coating


A high purity coating which gives a clean firing and minimizes impurities in glass kilns and molten metal operations.  This is used to obtain a higher degree of purity when firing porcelain, jewelry, glass, and other fine items.  Further enhances kiln performance and increases longevity of electrical elements.  ITC 296A is applied OVER ITC 100HT.    


Prepare Surface: Apply ITC 100HT and ITC200EZ as directed and fire kiln at least twice with these in place. 


Mix: To one pint ITC 296A add 1/2 pint of water and mix well.


Apply: Spray or brush entire surface, including elements.  Spraying is preferable.  

Volume Gallon
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