Art-No: KCITC213-P
ITC-213 Ceramic Coating for Metals-Pint
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ITC products are high refractory coatings used for coating the inside of kilns and elements.  Benefits are lower energy costs, faster firings, and less wear and tear on your kiln.  ITC products are used extensively in industry in applications from commercial ceramics to the space shuttle.  Nils Lou, in "The Art of Firing" writes "The ITC coatings are as technologically significant as the development of the insulating brick."  

ITC 213 Ceramic Coating for Metals 

Protect your elements even more.  ITC213 will protect all metal parts from oxidation or reduction and other harsh environment such as high temperatures and proximity to molten metals, molten glass or glazes.  

Prepare Surface: Remove any metal scaling, loose rust, grease and dirt.  Also remove any paint on the surface of the metal.  Sandblasting is not recommended nor using any kind of solvent such as kerosene, alcohol, etc.  Use a wire brush, file, hacksaw blade or grinding wheel if possible.  Rinse with plain water and wipe with clean cloth.  

New elements have a greasy residue left from the wire manufacturing process, which may cause the ITC 213 to flake off if not removed.  One method is to pre-fire elements after stretching for 5 to 10 minutes to achieve at least cherry-red glow.  If this is not possible, the elements can be heated in a furnace or kiln at 700 degrees F for 30 minutes.  Allow to cool.  (note: Some potters have recommended washing the elements with a 1:1 solution of liquid Clorox bleach and water.)  

Apply: Mix coating thoroughly and apply using a short bristle medium hard brush or foam paint edger or a cloth.  For large areas use a cup spraygun, available below.  In caes of spraying it is necessary to dilute the ITC213 as follows: to 1 pint ITC213 add 1/3 pint water and mix well; to 1 gallon ITC213 add 1/3 gallon of water and mix well.  Probably the best method for applying ITC213 to elements is to dip.  Using a wide shallow pan, such as a wallpaper tray, empty the ITC213 into the pan and add 1/3 water, mixing well.  Dip the entire element except for the lead wire into the mixture.  After dipping, shake the element to remove excess coating and hang to dry for several hours or overnight.  The elements are now ready to install.  

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